Hey hello there people It's been so long since the last time I came and wrote something, my fellow beat buddies have been really busy so we don't have enough time to update the page, so in a way It's a little bit weird to do this after more than year but oh well....

Today I'd like to introduce you to a very special lady that I found on youtube her name is Ladyhawke and her music is like going back to the 80's, I know that many people actually hates the 80's but in this case her music takes you back in time in a very good way, some of her most succesful singles are "Paris is Burning", "My Dellirium" and my personal favorite "Dusk Till Dawn".

She named herself "Ladyhawke" after the 1985's movie of the same name and she likes to wear boy's clothes why?, well I consulted the mighty wikipedia and I found this:

She has said "I don't wear women's clothes because I'd feel like a fraud. It's not just that the cut is all wrong on me, I feel much more of an individual in menswear." She feels that "I don't lose any aspect of my femininity by wearing boys' clothes"

But going back to her music, I've been listening to it a lot lately and I have to admit is kinda hard to get some of her songs out of your head most of them have this catchy beat mixed with catchy lyrics and amazing 80's electric keyboards the result is a very goood record if you're looking for a retro dance experience then you should check this out.


My Delirium
Dusk 'Till Dawn
Paris Is Burning

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